What is Instalments enabled by Visa?

With Instalments enabled by Visa, eligible cardholders can pay for qualifying purchases in smaller, equal payments made over a defined period of time. Instalments enabled by Visa is a credit product. Pay with the credit you already have on your eligible credit or debit card - if your purchase qualifies for the buy now, pay later instalments, you can select your plan from the available options, and agree to the terms. There are no new credit checks and no lengthy approvals process, as the credit line is pre-approved by your existing provider. Offered by participating financial institutions⁴.

Same card, with Instalments enabled by Visa²

How to pay with Instalments enabled by Visa

Paying with Instalments enabled by Visa is simple. When making a qualifying purchase, eligible cardholders can spread the costs into smaller, equal payments made over a defined period of time, on a card they already have and trust. Offered by participating financial institutions4.
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Where to shop with Visa Instalments

Visa Instalments** is accepted for qualifying purchases at a growing list of participating retailers.
**Visa Instalments is presently not available on all Visa cards and only offered by certain issuing financial institutions and accepted at select retailers. Contact your issuer to see if your Visa card is eligible for instalments and for more details.

Participating Issuers

Check with your bank to see if your card is eligible for Visa Instalments.

Instalments FAQ

Interested in paying with instalments enabled by Visa?

Contact your financial institution to see about eligibility and for more details.