It’s time for a better solution for money movement, with unified card and account capabilities through Visa Direct Payouts

Visa Direct Payouts is built to help business deliver money to billions of endpoints worldwide through card, ACH and faster payment networks via a single integration. Support your clients with a payment solution that can help meet their operational, commercial and regulatory needs.

How Visa Direct Payouts works

Visa Direct Payouts enables money to be pushed into bank, debit card or prepaid card accounts to complete business payouts, P2P transfers, app withdrawals, and more. Through a single connection to our Unified Payouts API money can be sent across Visa’s card network for domestic transactions, and can be sent across card, ACH or faster payment networks for cross-border transfers1.

Visa Direct can help you offer money movement solutions to serve your customers while addressing your operational needs

Domestic and cross-border delivery capabilities

Whether your clients need support for domestic money movement, cross-border1 transfers, or both, Visa Direct Payouts can help.

Map Key: Domestic and cross-border reach (Blue), Cross-border only reach (Yellow)

A map of the world indicating where Visa Direct can deliver funds as of March 2021. Blue countries represent where Visa Direct can help deliver money both domestically and cross border. Yellow countries indicate where Visa Direct can deliver money only cross border.

Yellow countries include Japan, Central African Republic, Sweden, Iceland, Chile, Uruguay and Belgium. Blue countries include the rest of the world except for Mainland China, South and North Korea, India, Iran, Syria, regions in Africa and South America, and some of the Caribbean Islands.

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